martina braun
martina braun


Martina Braun

That can't have been everything in my life, can it?

Of course not! There is more to come!
Menopause, Midlife Crisis, juvenile beauty mania and the feeling of being invisible –
Fun is definitely something different

Do you think it's all too late in old age anyway and it's no longer worth changing anything?
Do you think you have missed something in your life so far?
Are you of the opinion that in midlife and Golden Age you are no longer allowed to live out your wishes and dreams?

Hopefully life has more to offer?
Oh yes, it definitely has!

Ciao, I am Martina (she/her)

I help Best Agers to initiate change and stand up for their own version of life! OWN YOUR AGE!

Find your identity in the second half of life.

I believe that you can find a new path in your Midlife or Golden Age and learn to take your happiness into your own hands.
Simply step out of line in old age - I'll show you how!
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Do we perhaps have something in common or do we tick completely differently?

Tell me what drives you and what you like to do. Send me a message on Instagram (@martinabraun_official) or Facebook (Martina Braun). I'm always pleased to meet new people.