martina braun
martina braun

Hi, I am Martina (she/her)

I help best agers to initiate change and stand up for their own version of life! OWN YOUR AGE!

To be honest - even at 40, I was afraid that this was it.

I worked in a job that didn't fulfill me but many expectations.
I suppressed my longing for more, because nobody understood it anyway.
I constantly ignored my intuition because you can't rely on feelings anyway.
However, I was not living my own idea of a self-determined life, but that of other people. And that became a problem at some point.

I had to take seriously how unhappy I was and find a new path. At a stage in my life when I thought I was too old for change and had to accept the status quo.

But I found new motivation and enthusiasm for the second half of my life.

And that’s what you can do too!


Master your life independently and freely as a Best Ager!

Not just enduring the rollercoaster rides of midlife and golden age but knowing how you can control and determine these phases of your life yourself. How does that sound to you?

Good, of course! But how? Especially when it comes to topics that need to mature within ourselves and are not easily discussed with family or friends over lunch.


My best quality? I believe in you and am convinced that you can be the person you want to be. We won't build you castles in the air but will prepare a realistic path to your greatest possible self-determination, taking into account all possible difficulties and challenges.
OWN YOUR AGE and don't wait for coincidences!

Am I a good fit for you as a coach?

Are you looking for a facilitator with whom you can freely express all your thoughts?
Do you want to get to know yourself better and walk confidently and proudly through the second half of your life?
Are you looking for a controversial discussion on the topics of best agers?
Is it important to you that you are perceived as a person with all your facets?
You think it's all too late in old age anyway and you can't change anything?
Do you think you've missed something in your life so far?
You know that you are more than the person you have been up to now and that more is possible in your life than before?
Would you like to remove existing taboos from your everyday life and finally live out your midlife and Golden Age desires without a guilty conscience?
You had bad experiences in the past and don't want to be restricted by them in old age?
Do you want to have the courage to live according to your own values, regardless of the opinions of others?
Are you looking for a way out of your crisis and want to experience yourself in all your strength again?
Do you need a SOS coaching to reorganize your thoughts?
Are you alone with your feelings and can't talk to anyone about them?
Are you looking for someone who has already dealt with various NoGo's in their own life?

Yes, yes und yes?
Well then, what are you waiting for?

I want things to change

My mission

To help you find a realistic path to your identity in the second half of your life.

The most important values that guide me in my profession and in my private life


"Me" in one word

Project manager. Leader. Coach. Cook. Bookworm. Connoisseur. Supporter. Listener. Art in Progress.

my professional background

Art therapist, people - oriented art therapy IHK (in training)
Dipl. Midlife and Goldenage Coaching CIS (in training)
Relationship coach, Liebe Leben Ausbildung Melanie Mittermeier
Certified integral coach CIS, audited and certified according to international guidelines ISI/ECA
KMU Leadership
St. Galler Managementseminar for KMU
Master for Brewing and Beverage Technologie, TU München